Pre-Wedding Motivation: Bridal Bootcamp

Getting married?!  We are thrilled to feature this pre-wedding motivation from Josey Stafford of Sixpence Events & Planning!

Bridal Bootcamp

by Josey Stafford, Sixpence Events & Planning

Wedding bells are in your future but so is a bridal bootcamp. You found the dress that you’re going to float down the aisle in and it’s absolutely perfect. Just one thing. You ordered the dress on the smaller size, thinking you’d easily shed those last 5 pounds. The other thing that’s on your mind? Your arms, sleeveless, for all to see, and that small jiggle that seems to send out sound waves every time you practice dance moves in front of the mirror. I get it, you want your friends and family, and those people you’ve not seen for a year to be impressed by your toned body peeking out under white tulle and lace. You want your toned up body to be immortalized in your wedding photos, so no matter what comes our way, no matter how many kids feed off of your body, you’ll have something to remember your youth by.


Haute Barre is an awesome way to get your butt into gear, but also your arms, your back, and your abs. I would know, I can still feel the burn(s) from a class two days ago. A class that I thought was mostly fun, went by way too quickly and didn’t even break a sweat in.


Here’s a few ways to get in shape, specifically designed for the bride-­to-­be who doesn’t love working out! Pre­-shower sprints. Before you shower try this quick routine, commit to do it every day until your wedding, it’ll be a good habit to get your blood pumping in the morning and you’ll actually be doing yourself a favor. If ever it gets too easy, increase your reps and go until it hurts! I’ve got you starting off easy, for those of us not motivated enough to just jump into a set of jacks.


Wall sit // Count to 30 | Increase to 60 | Increase to 100

Push ups // 10 Reps | Increase to 20 | Increase to 30

Bicycle Crunches // 10 each side | Increase 20 each side | Increase 30 each side

Squats // 15 Reps | Increase 30 Reps | Increase 50 Reps

3 Deep Breaths + a compliment


Weekly Walks. You’ve got a lot on your mind and plenty of stuff to talk about. Schedule a standing appointment with a gal pal or your brother, your best man, or your mom. Plan to meet for 1 hour and start your walk and talk. It’s not about burning calories, this is about connecting with a friend, getting fresh air, and being active! If you end your meet up with coffee or a snack, try to pick somewhere that has only healthy options, so you won’t be tempted by a 500 calorie coffee drink, or a sugary something.


Bridal Bootcamp with like minded brides and bridesmaids. It’s always easier to attend workout classes when you have an accountability partner, and since it’s not just you getting fancy for your wedding, why not invite a friend to sweat by your side?


The Haute Bride package includes unlimited classes for 3 months! Yes. please. Check it out right now!


Wishing you Prosperity, Love & Happiness,





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