October 2016

Haute Student of the Month: Caitlin

Each month we talk with one of our students so they can share their experience with others.  This month we’re chatting with Caitlin.

What do you love most about Haute Barre? 

I love that it is a fun, fast paced, full body workout and each day is different. Before I was a runner, dancer, and tennis player.

I can get the same benefits from each activity in one barre class. I love that barre is a challenging workout, but also has some dance themes. I love that you push yourself during class and feel the burn later!
What is the biggest change you have noticed?

I feel strong. I have biceps now! I am proud of my progression from my first class – it does not get easier but I can tell I have improved my strength and flexibility. I also can tell I have more energy.

What part of class do you love to hate?

Chair. When I first started classes I had to stand up and take breaks during the series, but now I push myself to embrace the shake and push through. It never gets easier for me! But either looking around the room and smiling at each other or looking in the mirror telling yourself you can helps so much 🙂
What advice would you give to someone taking their first barre class?

It is hard, but it is FUN! Don’t take yourself too seriously, embrace the shake, push yourself and smile through the tough parts. What is not to like about listening to fun music and getting a great workout?!