June 2017

Haute Tips for your First Barre Class

New to barre?  Check out these great tips from our own Hautie, Jeanna Simonson!

Haute Tips for your First Barre Class
By: Jeanna Simonson of Fiercely Fetching


I remember my first class at Haute Barre… I had been to barre classes before and enjoyed the workout. The shake is what gets me. You can’t get that muscle shake from any other type of sweat sesh.

For years now, barre has been one of my all -time favorite workouts, but I constantly hear people say they are a bit intimidated by the workout. First of all, there is no need to be intimidated by Haute Barre because the community is extremely warm and welcoming. The teachers are fun, inspiring and they will never call you out in the middle of class yelling “Jeanna, drop your booty four more inches”. Some people might like being yelled at in class, but I certainly don’t. It’s your workout, take it at your pace.

A little bit about Haute Barre workouts – barre is a full body workout that tones your hips, abs, booty (all angles) arms and thighs. In each class you will perform isometric movements and high rep small movements that will fatigue your muscle groups. You will experience the barre shake – this is normal. Try to remain in position as long as you can and embrace that shake! Some classes at Haute Barre incorporate full-range movements and even bursts of cardio for a higher calorie burn. Equipment like hand weights, balls, glider disks, and bands are used to incorporate more muscles and give you a serious shake and burn. The entire workout is done barefoot, or you can wear grippy-type socks.

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Here are some tips for barre newbies.

Come early. Get to the studio about 15 minutes early. Chat with the instructor. Fill out a bit of paperwork. Get acquainted with the studio.

Bring a towel and water. You will most likely sweat during the workout, gotta stay hydrated!

Chat it up with your neighbor. Let them know you’re new. Ask any questions about the workout and studio. Maybe they’ll even become a new workout buddy!

Leave the intimidation at the door. Haute Barre is a judgement-free zone. Everyone is a beginner at one time. Watch to see what everyone else is doing. Soon, you’ll learn all the barre terms, but until then, look around and follow the instructor’s lead.

Listen to the instructor. The instructor is there to bring the music, fun and also a safe and effective workout. Listen to their cues so that you remain in the right posture and position. Keep your core engaged and don’t try to be barre pro during your first class. You’ll get there… promise!

Take a break when needed. You’ll experience that barre shake. While you should embrace it, feel free to shake out the legs and grab some water.

Choose appropriate attire. I suggest capris, leggings or form fitting shorts. You need to feel comfortable, so just keep in mind that you may be doing leg lifts and floor work.

Wear a Smile. Who doesn’t like being smiled at? Your instructor wants to know you are having a good time and your neighbor will appreciate the positivity through that chair pose.

Come back. It takes a few times at the barre to get a handle on class. After your first class you might wonder what just happened. You went through first and second position, then a chair pose and pretzel – lots of barre terms get tossed around during class. You’ll soon learn them all. Oh, and you’ll probably be sore. Don’t let that scare you away. That just means your muscles are changing.


Jeanna enjoys everything fitness and beauty related. She spends a lot of time around town seeking out the best that the Twin Cities has to offer.
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Haute Student of the Month: Georgia

Each month we talk with one of our students so they can share their experience with others.  This month we’re chatting with Georgia.

What do you love about Haute Barre?

The welcoming, encouraging environment with the members and instructors, the diverse workouts, and the full body burnout that each class provides. Every class challenges me in some way or another.

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed? 

How toned my arms have gotten. My arms have always been the weakest part of my body so it always amazes me to see the muscle I have built through doing barre class.

What part of class do you love to hate?  

Chair Pose. No matter how often I do it, it is the one move that is always extremely hard.

What advice would you give to someone coming to Haute Barre for the first time? 

After my first class at Haute Barre I was shocked at how challenging the workout was. It does not get easier because you are constantly pushing yourself, but it does get better as your body gets used to the moves and builds muscle.

What motivates you to come to class?  
It has taken me a while to find a type of workout that I love to do. I have been coming to Haute Barre since March 2016 and I absolutely love it! The results that I have seen is huge motivating factor.

What’s your “get pumped” song? 

Move Your Body by Sia