September 2018

Almonds: One of our Favorite Superfoods!

Almonds have always been my go to snack and are an essential in my workout bag and purse.  Not only are they convenient and delicious, they also pack a variety of health benefits into each tasty bite!

Today is National Almond Day and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing the top 5 reasons that we LOVE almonds!! (1)

  1. Help with Weight Loss and Prevent Overeating

Healthy fats and dietary fiber aid in weight loss because they help you feel full, which curbs overeating and unhealthy snacking. Although nuts are high in fat and calories, they prolong the feeling of satisfaction after you eat and keep your blood sugar more stable than low-fat meals. You’re then less likely to experience a roller-coaster of energy dips and food cravings.

  1. Maintain Skin Health

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that nourish the skin and reduce signs of aging. Almonds’ healthy fats, plus their ability to improve circulation, also help keep skin hydrated and better able to heal wounds.

  1. Help Prevent Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

Almonds are rich in antioxidants and key nutrients that support heart health such as magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium.  These nutrients support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as heart health and reduced inflammation.

  1. Support Healthy Brain Function

Almonds are often considered a superior brain food.  Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine which are two key nutrients capable of positively affecting neurological activity and preventing cognitive decline.

  1. Increase Digestive Health

In addition to healthy fats and alkaline-forming molecules, almonds (especially the skin of almonds) contain probiotic components that help with digestion, detoxification and healthy bacterial growth within the gut flora — a key to actually utilizing nutrients from food and preventing nutrient deficiencies.

Grab a handful of almonds and enjoy National Almond Day!

PS – We are thrilled to feature this photograph from Willful.

Here’s a little background on Willful:

  • Willful is a Minneapolis based housewares brand started in 2012
  • They celebrated their 5 year anniversary yesterday, Feb. 15th 2017
  • Willful pecializes in hand crafted housewares featuring their very own exclusive, hand mixed rubber
  • Willful has become internationally recognized for their bold colors, bare woods, and organic textures.
  • Willful has been featured in magazines including Food network, Midwest Home, Minneapolis St. Paul Mag., Epicurious, Food & Wine.


Visit Willful’s site to learn more about their company and purchase their exclusive products.


Amber + The Haute Barre Family




Haute Student of the Month: Shari

Each month we talk with one of our students so they can share their experience with others.  This month we’re chatting with Shari.

What do you love about Haute Barre?

Absolutely everything! The studio has such a welcoming atmosphere and great energy. The instructors are all amazing, inspiring and challenging in their own unique way.  The total body workout you get in each class is fun and super addicting!

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed? 

I have gained so much strength, muscle tone and confidence.  I feel so much better mentally and physically.  I’ve also lost 22 lbs since January!

What part of class do you love to hate?  

There are a few but chair pose is always the one that gets me.  I have definitely noticed improvement since my first class and always try to push myself a little more each time.  When I’m in the pose I try to remember that shaking is good and the burn will go away!  I do my best to smile and keep pushing through!

What advice would you give to someone coming to Haute Barre for the first time? 

To stick with it and know that each class will be challenging in a different way.  It won’t get easier because you will learn to push harder in each and every class.  It’s your workout and you can modify or intensify where you need to.

What motivates you to come to class?  

Each class is different so it’s fun not knowing what pose will be next or what the cardio sequences will be.  The instructors are encouraging and get to know you more in each class. It’s never boring and I feel so energized when I’m done!  I never thought anything could motivate me to get up at 4:30am but I was hooked the first morning I came to Haute Barre!