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You’ve probably noticed the beautiful natural stone bracelets, called Karma Stacks, that are sold in the studio. These bracelets are created by one of our own Hauties, Jeanna Simonson.

With the recent launch of the new Karma Stacks website, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about Jeanna and how she started the line of bracelets.

In September of 2016, Jeanna was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent an extensive surgery to remove part of her colon, several lymph nodes (to which the cancer had spread) and had a partial hysterectomy. Being a very active person, she knew this whole situation would be difficult. Not only did she endure a huge surgery, but was up against a battle with chemo. The next nine months were going to be challenging.

Her entire treatment took place at the Mayo and that is where she was inspired to do something that would enable to her give back to the cancer community. During her downtime (which would be a lot), she needed something to do that would be fulfilling, yet have a purpose. Karma Stacks was born.

The idea of natural stone bracelets wasn’t a new concept. She used to make bracelets with her sister when they were younger. Its a creative outlet that gave her a meditative component, but also the satisfaction of having a new accessory to wear. Jeanna noticed the bracelets that she made 20 years ago were making a comeback and decided to put her own unique spin on them giving each bracelet a meaning and purpose.

karma stacks collage

Karma Stacks are created with love and intention. Each bracelet are designed with unique, high quality stones that offer different energy properties for those that wear them. She loves the clean look of one, or the fun style of wearing a whole stack of them. She especially enjoys knowing when they are going to be gifted to someone special. She says “They’re Karma Stacks, they are meant to be shared, just like spreading good karma.” And, a portion of the sales go to cancer foundations. When you buy a Karma Stack, you are already spreading good, positive energy because you are also giving back.

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She has some new items coming out soon – gorgeous beaded necklaces, so keep a look out!

It feels good to do good!

Amber + The Haute Barre Family

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