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Haute and Running

As you plan your training for your next 5k, 10 mile or marathon, did you know that Haute Barre classes can provide great benefits towards the running lifestyle?

We are excited to feature information from local physical therapists.  This month’s feature was published by our own Hautie, Dr. Reanna Frigge, DPT.


Cross Training—Allows the body a different challenge of strengthening than what is brought on with running mile after mile.  Throughout the body, there are 3 types of muscle fibers, Type I, Type IIa, and Type IIb; Type I muscle fibers are considered slow twitch fibers meaning they are the endurance workhorses; Type IIa and IIb are fast twitch, quick to fire but quick to fatigue fibers.  Runners, especially distance runners, work the Type I muscle fibers most often.  With Barre, all 3 muscles fibers are worked, allowing an overall improvement in all parts of muscles and improving the tolerance of performing the repetitive motion of running.

Injury Prevention—Two injuries that are found within the running population are Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) and Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome.  PFPS is diagnosed in females more often than males and is related to poor tracking of the patella (knee cap) along the knee joint mostly due to the hip/knee angle.  IT Band Syndrome is related to the pain felt on the outside of the knee.  The IT band is a long tendon that originates from the Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) muscle that sits on the outside of the hip.  The tendon runs along the outside of the thigh bone and attaches just distally to the knee joint.  With both of these pain syndromes, one huge culprit is weak abductors of the hip.  The abductors are the muscles that fire to move the leg out to the side of the body; they include: Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus, Sartorius, TFL, and Piriformis.  Strengthening the abductors assists with better alignment and support of the hip/knee joints during movement and thus, can help stave off potential onset of pain in these joints.

Recovery—The stretching throughout class helps to lengthen out the muscles that have been working so hard to get you across the finish line.  The class also always time to refocus mental energy on preparing for the next race

Haute Barre Moves in the Spotlight:


Reverse Chair with Blue/Green Bands

Standing side leg lifts


The information provided in this article is meant to share general information regarding potential health benefits of Barre.  This information is not meant to diagnose nor treat any particular injury.  Haute Barre participants are encouraged to seek medical intervention from their primary physician or fabulous physical therapist before beginning this or any exercise program.


All About Karma Stacks

You’ve probably noticed the beautiful natural stone bracelets, called Karma Stacks, that are sold in the studio. These bracelets are created by one of our own Hauties, Jeanna Simonson.

With the recent launch of the new Karma Stacks website, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about Jeanna and how she started the line of bracelets.

In September of 2016, Jeanna was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent an extensive surgery to remove part of her colon, several lymph nodes (to which the cancer had spread) and had a partial hysterectomy. Being a very active person, she knew this whole situation would be difficult. Not only did she endure a huge surgery, but was up against a battle with chemo. The next nine months were going to be challenging.

Her entire treatment took place at the Mayo and that is where she was inspired to do something that would enable to her give back to the cancer community. During her downtime (which would be a lot), she needed something to do that would be fulfilling, yet have a purpose. Karma Stacks was born.

The idea of natural stone bracelets wasn’t a new concept. She used to make bracelets with her sister when they were younger. Its a creative outlet that gave her a meditative component, but also the satisfaction of having a new accessory to wear. Jeanna noticed the bracelets that she made 20 years ago were making a comeback and decided to put her own unique spin on them giving each bracelet a meaning and purpose.

karma stacks collage

Karma Stacks are created with love and intention. Each bracelet are designed with unique, high quality stones that offer different energy properties for those that wear them. She loves the clean look of one, or the fun style of wearing a whole stack of them. She especially enjoys knowing when they are going to be gifted to someone special. She says “They’re Karma Stacks, they are meant to be shared, just like spreading good karma.” And, a portion of the sales go to cancer foundations. When you buy a Karma Stack, you are already spreading good, positive energy because you are also giving back.

Shop online at karmastacks.com
Visit on Facebook and Instagram

She has some new items coming out soon – gorgeous beaded necklaces, so keep a look out!

It feels good to do good!

Amber + The Haute Barre Family


Almonds: One of our Favorite Superfoods!

Almonds have always been my go to snack and are an essential in my workout bag and purse.  Not only are they convenient and delicious, they also pack a variety of health benefits into each tasty bite!

Today is National Almond Day and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing the top 5 reasons that we LOVE almonds!! (1)

  1. Help with Weight Loss and Prevent Overeating

Healthy fats and dietary fiber aid in weight loss because they help you feel full, which curbs overeating and unhealthy snacking. Although nuts are high in fat and calories, they prolong the feeling of satisfaction after you eat and keep your blood sugar more stable than low-fat meals. You’re then less likely to experience a roller-coaster of energy dips and food cravings.

  1. Maintain Skin Health

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that nourish the skin and reduce signs of aging. Almonds’ healthy fats, plus their ability to improve circulation, also help keep skin hydrated and better able to heal wounds.

  1. Help Prevent Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

Almonds are rich in antioxidants and key nutrients that support heart health such as magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium.  These nutrients support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as heart health and reduced inflammation.

  1. Support Healthy Brain Function

Almonds are often considered a superior brain food.  Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine which are two key nutrients capable of positively affecting neurological activity and preventing cognitive decline.

  1. Increase Digestive Health

In addition to healthy fats and alkaline-forming molecules, almonds (especially the skin of almonds) contain probiotic components that help with digestion, detoxification and healthy bacterial growth within the gut flora — a key to actually utilizing nutrients from food and preventing nutrient deficiencies.

Grab a handful of almonds and enjoy National Almond Day!

PS – We are thrilled to feature this photograph from Willful.

Here’s a little background on Willful:

  • Willful is a Minneapolis based housewares brand started in 2012
  • They celebrated their 5 year anniversary yesterday, Feb. 15th 2017
  • Willful pecializes in hand crafted housewares featuring their very own exclusive, hand mixed rubber
  • Willful has become internationally recognized for their bold colors, bare woods, and organic textures.
  • Willful has been featured in magazines including Food network, Midwest Home, Minneapolis St. Paul Mag., Epicurious, Food & Wine.


Visit Willful’s site to learn more about their company and purchase their exclusive products.


Amber + The Haute Barre Family




Biomechanics 101

Ever feel like you’re doing an exercise wrong? Not sure if you’re getting the most effective workout?

Join us for Biomechanics 101 led by West End Chiropractic and Wellness.

Date: Tuesday, August 8th, 15th + 22nd

Time: 6:30 – 7:00pm (between 5:30pm + 7pm classes)

This 3 week series kicks off on Tuesday, August 8th. In this 3 week workshop we will be teaching you how to use your body effectively and properly as you perform specific movements during Haute Barre classes.

Learn from the medical team at West End Chiropractic and Wellness how to actively engage muscles, maintain correct postures and how to avoid pain and problems.

August 8th – Spinal Mechanics

August 15th – Upper Body Mechanics

August 22nd – Lower Body Mechanics

Register for class now to reserve your space!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Amber + The Haute Barre Family


Energizing Heart Healthy Valentine’s Smoothie Recipe

Energizing Heart Healthy Valentine’s Smoothie

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Energizing Heart Healthy Valentine’s Smoothie.

This smoothie is rich in antioxidants, magnesium, iron, protein and fiber.  PLUS, it has the added bonus of guilt-free, organic, caffeinated bliss to help you energize and give you the perfect pick-me-up.

Why is this important for heart health?

Magnesium and potassium are effective in lowering high blood pressure.  Fiber and antioxidants effectively reduce cholesterol in the arteries and vessels and lead to healthy cardiac health!

Here’s what each of the ingredients provide.

Coffee So Good Cashew Mocha

Juice So Good packs it all in with their Coffee So Good Cashew Mocha aka Caffeinated Bliss.  This delicious organic, dairy free, non-GMO drink includes Cashews, Cold-Press Peace Coffee, RAW Cacao, Agave Nectar, Filtered Water, Sea Salt and, most importantly, love. Did we mention, that’s all it contains?  No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners found here.


Strawberries are rich in antioxidants as well as many other nutrients, vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall health.  These include folate, potassium, fiber, and magnesium. Strawberries are also extremely high in vitamin C!

Chia Powder

Chia is the Mayan word for strength and signifies the power and significance of the plant among ancient civilizations.  Chia powder can keep you feeling energized and full longer as it contains easily digestible protein and is an excellent source of fiber and omega fatty acids.

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides supply amino acids that are needed to build new collagen. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, is part of the connective tissue for bones, muscles, blood cells, cartilage, arteries and organs. As you age, the production of collagen decreases.  This can lead to a variety of potential side effects.  Collagen supports healthy skin, hair and nails.  It also plays an important role in the building and support of joints.


Cacao is a top source of antioxidants, and it contains an abundance of magnesium and iron.


Energizing Heart Healthy Valentine’s Smoothie
Makes 1 serving

1-8oz bottle Coffee So Good Cashew Mocha*

1c strawberries

1 TBSP chia powder

1 scoop Collagen Peptides, optional

1 tsp cacao powder

Blend everything except the cacao powder together in a Vitamix or high-speed blender until smooth.

Finish with a sprinkle of cacao powder. Enjoy!


* Available nationwide in Whole Foods, select Targets, local Lunds & Byerlys and co-ops. If you can’t find Coffee So Good in your area, you can substitute a dairy-free mocha coffee beverage.

Cheers to a heart healthy you!


Amber + The Haute Barre Family




Top 10 Benefits of Haute Barre Classes

Regular Haute Barre classes can provide many long-term benefits.  Here are our top 10 reasons you should incorporate Haute Barre classes into your life to lead a sustainable healthy and active lifestyle!

  1. Hard on muscles, kind on joints. The small, super-controlled movements that take place in Haute Barre classes reduce pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and spine. The classes are designed to help you hone in on the muscles that help your joints function, to strengthen your joints, the small muscles that surround them and the larger muscles as well. This will improve athletic performance and lead to a sustainable active lifestyle.
  2. Focus on core strength. By doing Haute Barre regularly, you’ll also notice a remarkable improvement in your core strength and posture. While a tight core will give you a taller appearance, it will also keep you safe from injuries.
  3. No experience required. Everyone has different starting points, strengths and challenges, and instructors recognize that. If you are worried about not having any dance training or fear you won’t be able to ‘get it’ or keep up, rest assured that our instructors will guide you through the movements and offer helpful feedback without singling you out. And, remember, each person can be challenged at their own level in class without affecting anyone else’s workout. Always measure progress against yourself; not the person next to you!
  4. Be worked from head to toe.After each satisfyingly exhausting class, your entire body will truly feel WORKED. You’ll feel stretched, strengthened and invigorated. It truly does foster its own ‘Haute Barre high’.
  5. Work muscles to failure.Haute Barre’s tiny motions, many reps, intentional squeezes and pulses (otherwise known as isometric moves) are designed to fatigue muscles to failure. Embrace the shaking as it’s totally natural for your muscles to quiver uncontrollably – it means you are exhausting that muscle and forcing it to tone.
  6. Modifications for every age and level. The beauty of Haute Barre classes is that everyone works with small movements and can limit or expand their range of motion to suit their specific needs. Exercises can always be modified whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or have an injury, but can also be amplified if you’re advanced and looking for more of a challenge.
  7. Increased flexibility. Through focused stretching, an improved range-of-motion is one of the greatest benefits of Haute Barre exercise. Sometimes people are flexible but not strong, or strong and not flexible, so whether you can sit comfortably in a pretzel position or you’re stiffer than a board, Haute Barre classes actually teach your body to be both. Having flexibility and strength allows you to enjoy a longer, active life free of injuries.
  8. Lost weight and inches.Many of the Haute Barre classes target the largest muscle groups in the body, like the thighs and glutes. The larger the muscle, the more calories burned! As you continue to attend class, you will build more lean muscle mass and raise your resting metabolic rate, which can help you to produce more energy and expend calories. Perhaps more important than actual weight loss, Haute Barre classes will help you drop a size by redistributing inches on your body – making you appear (and feel) longer and leaner. If you pair Haute Barre workouts with a healthy diet, you will achieve even better results.
  9. Greater range of motion and endurance for all other activities and sports. Haute Barre classes target the core muscle groups that are neglected in conventional strength training, in a variety of interesting ways. For example, skiers and snowboarders may notice enhanced knee alignment, improved balance and greater quad and hamstring recruitment. If you’re a golfer or tennis player, you just may experience greater hip openness and movement allowing for a better swing. Runners can attain increased endurance, faster PR times and reduced impact on joints.
  10.  Rapid results. Yes, you will be sore after the first few classes, but you’ll also see some major results in little time – so stick with it! If you perform a Haute Barre workout 2-4 times weekly, you will typically notice changes in as little as one month. Changes may include an improved posture, thinner thighs, chiseled arms, a sculpted back, flat abs and a lifted seat. Haute Barre classes are incredibly effective at transforming so-called ‘problem’ areas, especially for women. Haute Barre classes also work all the smaller stabilizing muscles that can help you become a healthier, stronger runner, tennis player, skier and golfer just to name a few.

Don’t wait to look and feel your best!  We offer a variety of membership and class package options to fit any schedule.  Check out our class schedule and hit the barre with us now!


Amber + The Haute Barre Family


Haute Tips for your First Barre Class

New to barre?  Check out these great tips from our own Hautie, Jeanna Simonson!

Haute Tips for your First Barre Class
By: Jeanna Simonson of Fiercely Fetching


I remember my first class at Haute Barre… I had been to barre classes before and enjoyed the workout. The shake is what gets me. You can’t get that muscle shake from any other type of sweat sesh.

For years now, barre has been one of my all -time favorite workouts, but I constantly hear people say they are a bit intimidated by the workout. First of all, there is no need to be intimidated by Haute Barre because the community is extremely warm and welcoming. The teachers are fun, inspiring and they will never call you out in the middle of class yelling “Jeanna, drop your booty four more inches”. Some people might like being yelled at in class, but I certainly don’t. It’s your workout, take it at your pace.

A little bit about Haute Barre workouts – barre is a full body workout that tones your hips, abs, booty (all angles) arms and thighs. In each class you will perform isometric movements and high rep small movements that will fatigue your muscle groups. You will experience the barre shake – this is normal. Try to remain in position as long as you can and embrace that shake! Some classes at Haute Barre incorporate full-range movements and even bursts of cardio for a higher calorie burn. Equipment like hand weights, balls, glider disks, and bands are used to incorporate more muscles and give you a serious shake and burn. The entire workout is done barefoot, or you can wear grippy-type socks.

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Here are some tips for barre newbies.

Come early. Get to the studio about 15 minutes early. Chat with the instructor. Fill out a bit of paperwork. Get acquainted with the studio.

Bring a towel and water. You will most likely sweat during the workout, gotta stay hydrated!

Chat it up with your neighbor. Let them know you’re new. Ask any questions about the workout and studio. Maybe they’ll even become a new workout buddy!

Leave the intimidation at the door. Haute Barre is a judgement-free zone. Everyone is a beginner at one time. Watch to see what everyone else is doing. Soon, you’ll learn all the barre terms, but until then, look around and follow the instructor’s lead.

Listen to the instructor. The instructor is there to bring the music, fun and also a safe and effective workout. Listen to their cues so that you remain in the right posture and position. Keep your core engaged and don’t try to be barre pro during your first class. You’ll get there… promise!

Take a break when needed. You’ll experience that barre shake. While you should embrace it, feel free to shake out the legs and grab some water.

Choose appropriate attire. I suggest capris, leggings or form fitting shorts. You need to feel comfortable, so just keep in mind that you may be doing leg lifts and floor work.

Wear a Smile. Who doesn’t like being smiled at? Your instructor wants to know you are having a good time and your neighbor will appreciate the positivity through that chair pose.

Come back. It takes a few times at the barre to get a handle on class. After your first class you might wonder what just happened. You went through first and second position, then a chair pose and pretzel – lots of barre terms get tossed around during class. You’ll soon learn them all. Oh, and you’ll probably be sore. Don’t let that scare you away. That just means your muscles are changing.


Jeanna enjoys everything fitness and beauty related. She spends a lot of time around town seeking out the best that the Twin Cities has to offer.
Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Membership Benefits

We are excited to share our membership perks and the changes in our membership options!  No contracts required!

4 Classes per Month = $59/month ($14.75/class)

Busy schedule, but still want to shake, tone and burn? Start out with this entry level membership. No contract required.  Receive 4 classes each month. Unused classes do not transfer to future months. Cancel at any time.

Sign up now!


8 Classes per Month = $99/month ($12.38/class)

Want a stronger body and calmer mind? Create a new Haute Habit!  No contract required.  Receive 8 classes each month. Unused classes do not transfer to future months. Cancel at any time.

Sign up now!


Unlimited Classes = $149/month ($9.31/class if you attend 4 classes/week)

If you’re addicted to barre like we are and take 9+ classes a month, this unlimited membership is a fantastic value.  Take as many classes as you like.  Cancel at any time.  Eligible for fitness advantage rewards.

Sign up now!


Haute Barre Membership Perks

15% Retail Discount

One waived late cancel per month (value = $120/year)

Discounts on special events + workshops

Health Insurance Reimbursement for members with PreferredOne, Health Partners and United Healthcare*

*Unlimited members only


Members also receive 1 Week Unlimited Buddy Passes*:

1 per month for 4 classes per month memberships (value = $50/month)

2 per month for 8 classes per month memberships (value = $100/month)

3 per month for unlimited memberships (value = $150/month)


Contact the studio with any questions – amber@hautebarrestudios.com.


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Health Insurance Fitness Rewards

Need a little extra incentive and motivation to hit the barre and meet your fitness goals?  We are excited to announce that we now offer health insurance fitness rewards for PreferredOne, Health Partners + United Healthcare!

Contact the studio for more details – amber@hautebarrestudios.com.


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