Class Descriptions

strengthen and tone

[Formerly: Haute SHAKE-IT]   Our original class, Haute BARRE is a full-body workout, targeting areas we love to work the most – arms, abdominals, thighs, and glutes. The class is comprised of interval strength training, isometric holds, and deep, luxuriating stretches, all working to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and develop those shapely lines.

grace and conditioning

[Formerly: Haute HYBRID]   Cardio barre fusion! This experience combines toning and sculpting sections from Haute BARRE with high-intensity cardio intervals. Designed to raise your heart rate, maximize calorie burn, and increase endurance, while strengthening and shaping your muscles.

hit the barre

Hit the barre for this boxing-inspired, ballet influenced experience that is as invigorating as it is unique! Exclusive to Haute Barre, sweat will drip as you jab and pulse through pliés, uppercuts, and cardio intervals fused with extended core sequences on your way to increased stamina and and strength.

haute POWER FUSION [yoga]
strengthen and detoxify

[Formerly: Haute REJUVENATE]   Haute POWER FUSION is a steady exploration of yoga postures through the use of static holds paired with fluid transitions. This fusion of muscular engagement and stretching increases endurance, stimulates full body detoxification, and supports healthy joints, all of which builds to create a powerful and restorative moving meditation.

strengthen and stretch

CORE + RESTORE embraces the truth that you were designed to move and groove from stress to release, and back again, not just from go-go-hard to go-go-harder. With that in mind, we go after all four (4) sides of your torso, from your hips up to your heart, and then release you into a deep series of static stretches to improve mobility, recovery, and overall joint health. (temp. 80º’ish)

BASE [yoga]
set or reconnect with the fundamentals

BASE is a fully lead yoga class that utilizes a semi-set series to aid in building and tracking progression over time. It is a great place to get started on your yoga journey, reconnect to the foundations of your physical, vinyasa yoga practice, or simply move through a powerful yoga flow. (temp. 85°’ish)

FLOW [yoga]
progressive, absolute and addictive

FLOW inspires and strengthens through vibrant and vigorous vinyasa yoga flows, or the linking of individual yoga postures with breath. This moving meditation is then paired with powerful and at times energetic music and messaging. (temp. 90°’ish)

SCULPT [yoga]
tone and flow

SCULPT is a steady paced exploration of sweat and stamina that pairs light to mid-range hand weights, your bodyweight, and dynamic strength and balance building movements to increase cardiovascular health and muscle tone. And yes, it comes with a stiff shot of endorphins and you might just sweat from places you didn’t know could sweat! (temp. 90º’ish)

YIN [yoga]
surrender and restore

YIN is a yoga experience that offers a deep and healing journey into static, grounding yoga postures. Extended, non-exertion based holds in each posture allows for powerful exploration of muscle fascia and connective tissues. (not heated)

Teacher Training
barre and yoga teacher training

Are you a student or instructor looking to deepen your relationship with the teaching or practice of barre or yoga? Join us for the next session of Haute Barre Instructor Training or the 200hr. Yoga Alliance recognized SYNDICATE.YOGA Teacher Training we host.