Haute Barre Method

Total Body

Haute Barre™ is a lifestyle, a dynamic fitness experience that delivers an effective total body workout in an upbeat and motivating boutique environment.


Barre makes remarkable improvements in your core strength. You’ll notice improved posture, increased flexibility. Barre targets every muscle group and is fun!

Hard on Muscles
Kind on Joints

You may be surprised to learn barre is low impact and has a low injury risk. Small, controlled movements and improving your core strength reduce pressure on joints, ligaments and the spine.

How We Developed the Haute Barre Program

Haute Barre™ founder and owner, Amber Eggert, dreamed of bringing an innovative barre program to her new home state of Minnesota. With her passion for barre, dedication to knowledge and entrepreneurial determination, she developed the amazing program now known as Haute Barre™!

Amber developed the Haute Barre™ program with expertise from Nancy Norby, a Master Barre Teacher and a pioneer of barre fitness.  Nancy had trained with Lydia Bach, the founder of The Lotte Berk Method and Elisabeth Halfpapp, now co-director of Core Fusion. Nancy had been the first Lotte Berk licensee, and trained numerous celebrities, models, athletes and teachers, many of whom have continued on in successful fitness careers of their own.

Our Innovative Approach

Haute Barre’s innovative approach to fitness fuses elements of ballet, modern dance and yoga, while emphasizing core abdominal strength.

The end result is a long, lean physique with improved flexibility.  The low impact technique is great for all ages and skill levels.  Everyone is welcome!