Haute Student of the Month: Amanda

Each month we talk with one of our haute students so they can share their experience with others.  This month we’re chatting with Amanda!

What do you love about Haute Barre?

So many things! I love the family feel of the studio. The instructors know and remember your name after having you in class one or two times. I love that I feel part of the studio – people notice when you aren’t there in a while and want to chat when you are there. Even at 5:45 am it is a happy place to be! 🙂 And I love the variety of classes and instructors – I worried that I would get bored at a smaller studio (instead of a large gym) and that has not been the case at all.  Oh, and I love the challenges! There is something about putting those stars by your name and earning an awesome workout tank!

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed? 

Since starting at Haute Barre, I have felt so much stronger and leaner. I feel I am in better shape now than I was before I had kids. And the craziest thing – for me – is that I feel almost addicted to the barre classes! When I have a week off due to vacation or work, I am eager to get back to class.

What advice would you give to someone coming to Haute Barre for the first time? 

Embrace the shake 🙂 And if you are able – stick it out for a month. That allowed me to really try out different instructors and see great results.

What motivates you to come to class?  

I’m motivated by how strong I feel after class – even when my legs are shaking as I walk to the parking garage. And I’ll admit it, for those 5:45 am classes that I barely can get up for, its the fact that I signed up for class, the instructor is expecting me and I could have to pay a late cancellation fee. And then once I am there – or at least after warm-up – I am so glad I got out of bed!

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