What Does Haute Barre Mean To You?

What Does Haute Barre Mean to You?

Last week was the ending to our pre-holiday challenge.  We were thrilled with how many chose to participate! We could feel the buzz in the air, spirits were lifted, a little fun side challenges along the way and so much more comradery.  The stars on the charts started filling up fast!

You could earn bonus stars for weekly challenges and because of all the excitement, we decided to ask a question to earn the stars for weeks four and five.  We asked, “What 3 words would you use to describe Haute Barre?” and “What inspired and motivated you to participate in the Challenge?”   Here are some of the responses we received:

Exhilarating. Sweaty. Satisfying.   – Alexis

MY WEDDING MOTIVATED ME!  To feel uber confident trying on wedding dresses (check and check!!) and also to stick to something for once. – Corin


I went into the challenge thinking it was just a fun thing to do. I was surprised by how adding the morning class as part of my day was easier than I thought. I feel better with more energy. In addition to more energy, my lower back pain is gone!!!  That makes me happy!    Thank you for this challenge, I loved it!  – Jennifer

Challenging, Exhilarating and FUN!!!! – Corin

The holidays coming up and wanting to be in great shape for the winter! – Libby

Encouraging, Welcoming and Positive – Kendyl

Inclusive, Comfortable, Motivating – Suzie

Challenging, Inspiring, Motivating – Monika

And, of course, there is nothing like an awesome Haute Barre tank to wear as a badge of accomplishment!

We had so much fun with the challenge and are glad you did as well!  We hope you feel stronger and more a part of our special community.  Thank you to all who participated and we can’t wait to share with you our next challenge!


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